Aug 5, 2014

Hi There

I think I've fallen into the trap that's happened one too many times before with blogging.

It's the one where I'll write all these posts and then save them to edit later. "I'll hit that publish button once I find some good pictures to go with them," I think.
{Drafts on drafts on drafts}

But then these poor little posts stay in Blogger limbo because I start to think they're really nothing special anyways. I probably just shouldn't post them.


Here's the thing about this blog, though: it's my blog. It's my little diary! It's my way to connect with you all and meet new friends. Why wouldn't I actually post about whatever's going on in my life if there are things I'd want to remember or share with others?

So instead of regretting not getting my Edel post up 2 weeks ago (it's already been that long?!) or not writing weekly pregnancy posts, I decided it's time to hit that invisible reset button, remind myself why I started The Sweet Wonder this year, and just move forward already. Sound good?

To start it things off, here's what I've been up to lately:

- Making to-do lists like they're going out of style.
If, God willing, I get pregnant again in the future (goals), I'll have a baby. Or a toddler. Or a kid. And I won't be able to devote a whole week to deep cleaning the house or making a freezer full of meals for our next pregnancy. My naturally scatterbrained self wants to bring as much preparedness to November just because, why not? It might be the only time for the next 20+ years that I'll have this much control! I want the house cleaned, freezer stocked, new home decorated, and nursery set up. It's go time, people.

- Feeling the baby move all. the. time.
It's awesome. This is another thing (along with ultrasounds) you 4th, 5th, etc. time moms can tell me if it gets old. I feel like the answer is no. This whole bonding with baby thing is really happening now, especially when Landon can feel her too. It's
{Last week at 26ish weeks.}

- Having a lot of rest days.
Another thing I probably won't be able to do for many many years in a few short months. Nearly every mom I met at Edel told me to take advantage of it being able to rest as much as possible! I realized I hadn't been; if I spent most of the day in bed with my heating pad and some YouTube, I felt like the laziest person ever. After I heard it's okay from moms who have been there...and finally listened to my husband who had been telling me the same's felt darn good.

- Dreaming of Aggie Football season.
No, really. 23 days! And our internet/television provider finally got their behinds around to picking up The SEC Network, so the decision of do we or don't we sign up for cable has been on the table lately. With Landon being the football fan he is and me being a close second (okay, just kidding, I still have no idea what they're talking about half the time) I hope the answer is a resounding yes.

{This video got me in all the feels last night. I think we might need to make sure our first dog looks like Reveille.}

There you have it! It's good to be back. Keep an eye out for me, would ya? And if it starts being a while since you've heard from me...feel free to poke me with a stick.

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