Jun 28, 2014

Unpacking with spiders and more! (7QT)

This week's 7QT is quite the mixed bag. I feel like my brain's being pulled in a million directions as of late and what better way to deal with that than a little brain dump?

1] It was a sad day earlier this week when I realized my iPhone camera is better than my point and shoot Nikon. I was trying to photograph a makeup look with some schmancy close-ups and my regular camera would just NOT FOCUS! Anyways, Landon brought out his old school Sony Cybershot circa 2007 which I'm pretty sure will be better quality than my Nikon that's only a few years old. Probably time to start saving for a DSLR?
{Back when I thought cuteness of camera mattered more than quality. Sad times.}

2] This week's goal was to have the house unpacked by the end of the week. Welp, some progress has been made, but our garage probably has another 20+ boxes that need to be dealt with. We lost a good amount of closet and cabinet space when we moved to this house and I just don't know where everything's going to go! In other packing related news, our kitchen table was in the garage for the past week and while Landon was putting it back together last night he found spider egg sacs where the legs screw on. This fact has now led me to believe that there are a billion spiders and spider egg sacs ALL over our garage and in the boxes out there now, so I foresee this whole unpacking thing taking even longer. Grossssssgrossgross.
{So many hiding spots for spiders. Yuck.}

3] I meet monthly with a spiritual director at my church. She is the absolute sweetest woman and I always leave our meetings feeling incredibly inspired and uplifted. The past few months have been sort of a spiritual dry spell for me, and I've felt so bad when I meet with her and have nothing new to say. I'll go to mass, I'll pray when prayers are requested... but that's about it. I feel like I've been standing still instead of growing closer to God. In an effort to be more consistent, I've started a little bit of a new plan that involves going to adoration and daily mass more. It's only been 2 days but y'all, I've woken up for 7 am mass both times! I've always convinced myself that it was to early too be somewhere with teeth brushed and dressed in appropriate attire, but oh how wrong I was. I can't say I plan on going every single weekday, but even adding in one daily a week is better than before. Thankful that we live close to churches that offer so many daily masses.

{Currently reading and loving; talk about an eye opener for this cradle Catholic}

4] My sweet tooth has been out of control. There is a ton of fruit in the house in an effort for me to eat sugar in a more natural fashion, but cookies and ice cream have just been calling my name. I got the ingredients to make marshmallow blondies soon and I just cannot wait.

5] When we moved here a few weeks ago, there were 2 very dead trees in the front yard along with a small, overgrown "flower" bed with just some ugly, overgrown foundation plants. The backyard is fairly roomy but just had grass and a large pile of sand/charcoal (turns out the previous owner had a skate ramp back there. cool.). We kind of moved in at the worst time for planting things, and I'll probably be a little too big to do any crazy landscaping come fall and this frustrates me. I want a garden and fruit trees, darn it! Instead we just pulled up the dead trees, shoveled up the dirt pile, and laid down some sod over both. And by we I mean Landon. Fingers crossed the grass at least grows a little bit in the mean time!

6] The whole should I/shouldn't I caffeine debate in my head rages on. As a reminder, I was quite the coffee lover pre-pregnancy. I gave it up for (most of) the first trimester and then started to drink it again. I'm sure this is completely psychological, but decaf doesn't taste good to me. After I drank some regular coffee earlier this week, my stomach started to hurt which I took as a sign that maybe I should lay off it again. We'll see. My mom swears she drank coffee throughout her pregnancy with me, but my dad seems to remember otherwise. What are your thoughts on caffeine intake during pregnancy?

{Tried my hand at some homemade almond coffee creamer [similar] this past week. It's okaaaaay, but I think I'll stick with plain ol' almond milk for the sake of easiness.}

7] Finally, let's talk about the World Cup. I really, honestly wish I could get into it. I actually enjoy watching soccer/football in person and I feel like I'm missing out by not following along with everything. Maybe we'll make it out to a bar for a game soon. Go USA!

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