Jun 25, 2014

Baby Girl Wish List {Number 1 of Many}

When I was born, my parents wanted to be surprised. They didn't find out I was a girl until I popped out. Because of that, I had a lot of gender neutral clothes. Not that I remember them vividly or anything, but the pictures are proof.

I don't know if that had anything to do with this [probably not] but I never went through a super girly phase. Pink was my favorite color a few times when I was younger and I danced for 10+ years, but I never was big into bows or all that princess-y stuff. I guess I wasn't girly in the way that society assumes little girls are girly.

Since we found out we were having a little mini-me in the middle of moving house, I put off online window shopping for a little while. To be honest, dressing a girl immediately sounded overwhelming. I think that's because the idea of frills! and ruffles! and lace! and PINK! are scary to me. Or at least all of that stuff all the time. I want her to look like a little girl especially if she has that more unisex newborn hairless look going on... but maybe in a non-traditional way.

BUT she'll have glitter. Lots of glitter. Gold glitter is my fave and I'm already imaging lots of nursery DIY projects that involve the stuff.

Of course this is all just what's floating around in my head right now. For all we know, she'll be living in unisex sleepsuits/bodysuits for the first few months -- especially if Texas decides to be like the rest of the country and be cold in November. But I took the liberty of doing some looking around to compile my first wish list of adorable baby items I would love to see our future little one in just in case ;)

1 & 3 : I already feel like baby leggings are going to be dangerous territory. They come in so many cute patterns, how will I be able to choose just a few?

2 : So Landon & I have nicknames for each other and they involve bears. I have no idea how it started, but it's there, and so obviously our babies will be our little cubs. I about DIED when I saw this bear bodysuit and it's a 100% need.

4 : Pretty sure every hipster baby needs a pair of teeny Minnetonkas. These are just too much.

5 : I don't even think I own a jumper as nice as this one. Honeycomb is one of the best patterns ever and handmade means it would undoubtedly last for any future little ones, too.

Where do you/did you shop for baby clothes? I'm overwhelmed with options!

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  1. Congrats on your little girl... I have 2 and they are so much fun.
    I took the "I'm not buying pink, frills, ruffles... etc." for my girls.
    They really do get enough of it from family, so I try to balance them out with all sorts of things in dark blues, greens, yellows and reds. I have to say that I buy thrift shop items or sale items most of the time as they outgrow things so fast. This helps me with my need to see them all cute and keeping my budget in tact. That and I feel good that I'm saving the landfill by donating my older stuff to thrift shops and then buying from them too! Win, Win in my books.
    Have fun & take one day at a time!