Jun 13, 2014

Some Short, Pictureless Takes

Trying out a little experiment today where I try to keep my 7 Quick Takes under 3 sentences long. We've got a busy day ahead of us!

1. We're closing on our new home today!(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) It's been a long journey but we've finally made it.

2. Moving: yuck. My pregnant lady body is already sore & swollen just from packing yesterday. Thankful for selfless parents and in-laws who will be assisting us this weekend.

3. We dropped our cats off at said in-laws' house last night so that we could move without worrying they would escape. It's been less than 24 hours and I already miss their crazy antics.

4. Currently dreaming of going shopping. I haven't bought any non-practical (non-maternity) clothes in forever!

5. I loved writing all about makeup this week! If you haven't looked at my posts from M-Th, please do and comment on some of your favorite/least favorite products :)

6. Silly me bought a Starbucks Refresher to have as my caffeine fix today (since the coffee pot is packed) but it just isn't doing the trick for my morning routine. When will I learn I need actual coffee and not energy drink type things?

7. And finally, we're about 99% decided on a baby name! I love it. Although the middle name is making us struggle a little bit.

Happy happy Friday! Make sure to check out everyone's 7QT over on Kathryn's blog this week!

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