Jun 17, 2014

A New Chapter

This past weekend, Landon and I made our first big purchase as a married couple: we bought a house! As I kind alluded to over the past month or so, it was quite the experience. We started looking back in April with no real rush; we had our apartment lease until September. At first the options were discouraging but the real frustration came when we started finding ones we really liked, and they would get snatched up within a day! It was then that we realized if we were serious about finding a home, we would have to move fast.

The first one we fell in love with was a foreclosure. It needed quiteeeeeee a lot of work, but it was a great layout and size. That one wasn't in our cards, though, and we were bummed. So when we walked into the house we ended up in for the first time, on the first day it was on the market, we immediately decided to place an offer. The seller got back to us the next morning and let us know it was accepted! We planned on closing on May 22nd, my birthday. What a great birthday present ;)

Well, the first mortgage company we were going to work with couldn't close that fast... so we had to find a new one. The second royally messed things up for us and couldn't end up closing on time either. Third time was a charm, though, and on June 13th (Friday the 13th, ahh!) we finally sealed the deal!

With lots of help from our family, we were able to move in this past weekend. It was a big struggle being pregnant for this move. I felt so guilty not moving many boxes and bags down 3 flights of stairs in the humid Texas heat (whose idea was it to live in a 3rd story apartment...[it was mine]) and ended up trying to prove my worth by getting a lot of cleaning and packing done instead.

The first night in our new home was rough. It always seems to be that way in a new place! Our ceiling fan made an annoying noise and our cats wouldn't settle down. But the next few nights I slept like a rock. I can't believe this is now our home where we get to raise a little baby! Landon made sure to remind me that our first child will be learning how to crawl, talk, and walk in this house. Sitting on the couch and imagining him/her crawling around me in the near future couldn't be more exciting!

I'm going to miss our first apartment greatly, though. It couldn't have been more perfect (aside from the whole renting thing). It was our first home together, and where so many firsts as a married couple happened. I just turned in our keys earlier this morning and knew I wouldn't be able to go back inside one last time without crying. #hormones

I can't wait to share our new home with you! It's a newer one, so it doesn't need a whole lot of fixing up by any means, but it is small (smaller than our apartment! but + a garage and backyard) so I'm excited to find ways to make it work for 2 going on 3 of us :)

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  1. Congratulations on buying a house! We just bought a townhouse in March so I know it's so exciting! Good luck getting settled in :)