Jun 24, 2014

Dear Baby F

I'm officially 20 weeks pregnant with you and halfway to meeting your little face. I've toyed with the idea of writing you letters while you're still in my belly and as you grow up. I always thought it was so sweet of parents to do that and then give them to their grown up babies. Your dad didn't really think that was a good idea if you were a boy... so I guess it's a good thing the doctor told us a few weeks ago that you're a little girl! Well, she's pretty sure you're a girl. When we got to see you via ultrasound at 18 weeks, you were wiggling all over the place and it was hard to see everything! All of your pictures are blurry because you wouldn't stay still long enough for the doctor to take your measurements. Were you foreshadowing being a rambunctious little one? That'd be a funny one, God, giving two introverts a rowdy one to keep up with.

I thought you were a girl from very early on, although my reasoning was a bit ridiculous. Your dad and I have 2 cats: Kirleigh and Ellie. Kirleigh found your dad when she was a kitten, long before I knew him, and she's sort of obsessed with him and other guys. It took her some time to warm up to me and even when she finally did, she prefers your dad over me. Well, during the first month or so of pregnancy when I wasn't feeling very good, Kirleigh would actually cuddle up next to me in bed, leaning against my belly and purring. That stage was short lived and made me wonder if she could sense another girl in her midst! I know it's silly, and I only half-believed it. I swear I'm not a crazy cat lady. Both of your grandpas imagined you as a girl from early on, too.

It took us a few days to choose your name but now we love it and call you that when it's just us. We can't wait to tell our family and friends! You are already so loved by everyone. You will be both sets of grandparents' first grandchild. Your dad and I have a feeling you're going to be a spoiled little one. We all pray for you daily and just can't wait to meet you this fall. Your birthday seems so far away but at the same time too soon. We just moved into our new home and haven't even decided on a color scheme for your nursery yet! I haven't read much about the labor and delivery process, just that I know it will hurt like heck. Basically, as much as we can't wait to meet you, we feel super unprepared. Sources say the first one arrives fashionably late, though, so feel free to take your time. But not too long.

I'm starting to feel you move around in my belly more and more. It's so weird! I don't think I've felt any kicks or jabs yet... just you flipping all around doing somersaults! I know your dad can't wait to be able to put his hand on my belly and feel you moving all around, too.

I love you so much. I hope it's nice and comfy in there and you're growing big (but not too big) and strong!


P.S. Hint: "Baby F" just refers to our last name! Her first initial is different :)

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  1. How cute! I wish I had written more of these when I was pregnant. Can't wait to read more!