May 16, 2014

Friday Brain Dump (7QT)

Happy Friday, all! I've got a purring kitten beside me and she wants content, so lets move into this week's 7 Quick Takes. As always, thanks to Jen for hosting and all of the wonderful contributors for being wonderful.

1. I think it's about time to introduce my favorite (and only) husband so I can stop referring to him as "my husband". His name is Landon and he is just the best. His likes: pizza, good beer, Game of Thrones, the color blue, and Star Wars. His dislikes: tomatoes, Miranda Sings (although I think he secretly loves her), and horseshoe shaped churches (I kid you not). He works as a software developer and is pretty darn good at anything related to computers.
{Taken post Easter Vigil 2013 at approximately 12:30 AM, and still looking as handsome as ever}

2. I went to my favorite coffee shop yesterday to do some planning and felt like I was in college all over again. It's crazy how I got the same amount of work done in a few hours that would probably have taken me an afternoon at home. I'm one who gets easily distracted (procrastinates?) by ALL. THE. CLEANING. that needs to be done. And it's kind of weird if you start cleaning at a coffee shop ;)
{I even opted for decaf so I should probably get a gold star for my restraint.}

3. There's a pretty good chance that we're moving in a week or so but not a single box has been brought into our apartment yet. In my brain, I'm kind of on a simplifying kick and want to get rid of lots of stuff before we pack what remains into boxes. But...I haven't done that yet either. Next week it is!

4. Does anyone else go through stages of what they listen to in the car? For me, it goes back and forth between music, talk radio, and podcasts. I have not been in the music mood lately. This is probably because I'm so sick of what's on the radio, yet too lazy to find new music to put in my phone. This past weekend I listened to a few of Tsh's The Art of Simple podcasts and they're the bomb. There was one episode in which about 10 other podcasts were recommended and I don't really need to subscribe to more but downloading them is next on my agenda today.

5. Speaking of Tsh, I also finished Notes From a Blue Bike this week. I listened to it through Audible and already want to go back and listen to it again. I found myself trying to figure out what I can do so that our family too can go on a month long road trip or oversea visit. I haven't traveled outside of Texas these past few years and my heart is aching for a trip. 
6. I didn't do a Bump Date on Wednesday because really I couldn't think of anything new to say! My belly's still growing, I'm still taking naps, and I'm still craving weird things. Last night I had a dream about cinnamon Toaster Strudels and even debated driving to HEB this morning to buy some. Anyways, the next doctor's visit (at the new doctor!) is on Monday and I'm praying we'll have an ultrasound in which they can tell us the gender before the 20 week mark. 15 weeks today!
{Oh man...I should've gone to get some...}

7. I'm heading to Baylor this afternoon to watch one of my very best friends graduate from her master's program there! She was the first friend I made when I moved to Connecticut in 8th grade and it's crazy that she ended up in Texas for graduate school. I've loved being just a few hours away from her these past 2 years and I think I'll be broken if she ends up leaving this Great State. Fingers crossed she doesn't :)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Ooo, a new doctor! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Good luck!