May 28, 2014

Bump Day: Week 16

I've drafted so many blog posts as of late...and published zero. It's been awhile. I honestly feel like I'm having a hard time finding my "voice". I know this is common in the blogging world, and I know pushing through is the only way I'll be able to find it. So basically, I have zero big fat excuses as to why I haven't been around. It's just felt weird!

I figured I could get back into blogging with something easy: talking about the baby brewing in my belly :)

{Cat fur everywhere always}

It's almost the end of Week 16. When I see a week number that's a lot closer to 20 than 10, reality starts to set in. I've been pregnant for 16 weeks?! Okay well not officially since those first few was just my body getting prepped and primed. But still. I'm so close to halfway! When did that happen???

This week was the first time a stranger said something about my bump. I personally don't really see it. Yes, I don't fit into my normal shorts and pants, but I still feel like it just looks like I put on a few pounds. I guess not! After mass on Sunday, Landon and I went to Jamba Juice because I needed Jamba Juice (still rolling with these cravings). When Landon asked for the daily vitamin mix to be added to his smoothie, the cashier looked at me and said "I'm guessing you don't need that since you've been taking your prenatals?" My first reaction was to be offended but.....he wasn't wrong. A few minutes later he even asked what week I was on! What a brave fellow. I made a mental note to make sure I take the baby EVERYWHERE I go postpartum or at least wear extra baggy clothes. I don't need anyone asking me after I give birth what week I'm on...

On an exciting note, we had our first doctor's visit with our new doctor last week! I'm so darn glad we switched providers. Everyone...everyone! the office was so friendly and helpful. We didn't feel like we were inconveniencing the nurses or doctors by asking any questions. The midwife we met with even questioned all of the genetic testing that was done at the first doctor we went to, which is exactly how I had felt. We also got to make our big gender reveal ultrasound appointment!!! It's coming up so soon :) I just hope Baby F cooperates the first time around. I can't wait any longer.

And I'll end this bumpdate on an even more exciting note. Let's talk about bras! I'm a fairly small chested lady to begin with, so I didn't expect my normal bras to be that much of an issue when I got least until after the baby was born. I. Was. Wrong. I've been living in bralettes and uncomfortable bras for the past few months, too stubborn to throw down the money for a new bra. Well friends, my wonderful mother gave me a Motherhood Maternity gift card for my birthday last week and as soon as I got it I thought "finally! I can buy some bras!" So buy some bras I did. And they are wonderful. The moral of the story is if you aren't happy with your bra situation whether it be from gaining weight, losing weight, or becoming yourself a bra that fits. Praise be.

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  1. The postpartum "bump" is the best reason I've ever heard for not asking a woman how far along she is or when she's due. As it was explained to me, the line between "going to have a baby" weight and "just had a baby" weight is dangerously thin!