Apr 30, 2014

Bump Day: Week 12

The first trimester is almost over, folks! I can't believe it! Or...I was starting to believe it until I got hit with some nausea and fatigue this afternoon. Nooooo! At least those things are happening daily, and that makes me a happy clam.

Let's talk about Week 12!

Baby is the size of a: A "ripe apricot". Or a "large plum". All of the pregnancy apps need to get on the same page!
Sleep: Not bad, but not great either. I've been waking up so sleepy in the mornings. I can't wait until the day I won't have to wake up in the middle of the night...which will be in another 20 years, I'm sure.
Exercise: I've started to exercise regularly again this week! Yay! Just walking and some strength moves.
Best Moment this week: Getting to see the baby and hear its little heartbeat.
Miss anything: Alcohol. I never drank a lot...but now that it's warming up, I miss the idea of an ice cold beer or a fruity cocktail. Oh well! I shall perfect a variety of mocktail recipes, instead!
Food/drink cravings: I actually can't think of anything in particular this week. Anything sweet, really.
Happy or moody: Oof, I've had a moody week. Not in a mean way...more like in a sad, Negative Nancy way. My poor husband.
Looking forward to: The month of May! It's my birthday month ;)

{At a UT graduation this weekend...yikes. We refused to sing "The Eyes of Texas". #Aggies}

So I think I'm starting to get a little bump. It's there even before I eat a large meal and when I suck in my stomach (which I feel like I shouldn't be doing anyways) so I'm going to call it one. A "bump" is way cuter than weight gain or bloat, anyways. The downside to this little part of me is that I'm having trouble fitting into clothes. And it's getting HOT here meaning I need some shorts. But I still don't feel like I'm big enough to buy maternity clothes. Does anyone have any suggestions about this? Also, what about this over the belly/under the belly feature of pants? I feel like I'd prefer the under the belly elastic because it'll be so darn hot this summer, but I don't know for sure. Help a pregnant newbie out ;)

I had my second prenatal visit yesterday and I left feeling pretty upset. I don't know if I'm overreacting or not (I'm leaning towards a yes) but I just feel so out of the loop of my own pregnancy! I don't necessarily want someone to hold my hand through everything, but this is my first time being pregnant and I don't know what the heck is going half the time. I read plenty of info online but I take it with a grain of salt; how am I supposed to know what is really normal?

Anyways, I got to the doctor and the nurses were pulling me in all different directions for different reasons, and then would get frustrated with me when I didn't know what I was supposed to do next. No one told me anything and I had no idea there would be an ultrasound since they had specifically scheduled an ultrasound before my last appointment last time and it was all lumped into one appointment this time. If I hadn't asked what they were drawing blood for, I don't think the nurses would have told me. I get that they have probably seen about 10,000 pregnant women, but I would appreciate more attention. I don't know. I just want to be informed, you know?

In other news, we have a good amount of boy and girl names picked out that we like! I can't believe we have to wait another 2ish months until we can find out the gender. I just can't wait to start calling the baby a "he" or a "she" and then by his or her name! I am naturally pretty indecisive though, so it actually might take longer to decide on one than I think it will. I'm just thankful we aren't having twins because someone wanted to name them Luke and Leia...

Hint: It wasn't me.

Does my pregnancy brain have anything left to talk about? Probably, but this is enough for now :) Happy Bump Day!


  1. You know what was a lifesaver for me during pregnancy? The Blanqi bodystyler. They have them at Target and online at blanqi.com. Shaped, supported and held up pants;)

    Baby naming...such a fun part of pregnancy!

    1. Awesome, thank you! I had never heart of the Blanqi before. Sounds perfect :)

  2. It's such a great feeling to move into the second trimester! And wonderful to be able to exercise again (I could barely make it through my hospital shifts during the first trimester, let alone exercise!). If you're looking for a good preggo workout, I like the Summer Sanders one. It's on Amazon and she has workouts for every trimester (I'm still going strong on the third trimester one haha).

    May is a great month for a birthday ;) And Luke and Leia? That's awesome :)

    1. I consider you a MAJOR rockstar for working at a hospital during your first trimester. I can't even imagine!

      Thank you for the workout recommendation! So far I've just been doing some free workouts on YouTube, but I'll have to check out the Summer Sanders ones :) Awesome!