May 2, 2014

Seven Quick Takes #5

It's Friday but it doesn't feel like it around here! I haven't had a super busy and stressful day since probably right before our I guess I've had it good for awhile. I like being busy but not being so busy that I don't have time to take a shower because I'm waiting for a zillion different phone calls. I guess this is what being a mom will be like? I better enjoy the usual non-craziness while I can :)

Let's jump into some Seven Quick Takes, shall we? It's been awhile!

1. I can't wait to get my hand on Jen's new book, Something Other Than God! I might be taking a long, solo car ride in the near future, and it would just be perfect if the audiobook comes out before then. If not, the book version is on my birthday wish list ;)

2. We got our first flat tire last night on our way to a meeting. As silly as it was a great little experience for us, ha ha. I read the directions aloud because actually changing a tire is really a one person job (and because pregnant), and my husband did a great job executing those directions. It turned out the spare was extremely low on air, though, so we had to wait for some help in the end anyways. BUT we learned how to change a tire and it was actually kind of fun. Probably because it wasn't blazing hot out and we were in a parking lot---I couldn't imagine doing that on the side of a highway.

3. We tried putting the bad tire in the backseat of his truck since it wouldn't fit in the bed buttttt it wouldn't fit and just ended up leaving a lot of black marks on his tan seats. I've been in a bit of a homemaking/DIYmood lately, so I went to one of my favorite sites for DIY solutions (One Good Thing By Jillee) and sure enough there was a recipe for car upholstery cleaner! I mixed it up this morning using castile soap (instead of Fels-Naptha), Borax, essential oils, and water. It worked great and honestly made me want to clean the rest of the interior, too. Cheap + no chemicals + easy = a win in my book.
{Because I was so proud, the seats got pictures}

4. Our cats have been so ridiculous lately. One of them sat next to me today and purred for a solid 30 minutes straight. It's so cute, and I don't remember  how I lived in the time period between losing my childhood dog at 13 and meeting my husband (who had a cat) at 21. Pets are just the best.

{Throwback to Easter. Yes, I put eggs around them so I could take Easter pictures of them. #CrazyCatLady}

5. Cinco de Mayo is in t-minus 3 days and the only menu items I know I'll be making are tres leches and margs. That should make a good enough dinner, right? I'm usually a big fan of Mexican food but it's been one of my food aversions for most of the pregnancy so far.

6. I wish I could get into basketball the same way I get into college football. We've been watching the Spurs in the playoffs but it just doesn't keep my attention. (I'm usually a Dallas team kinda gal, but marriage = compromises.)

7. We've been looking for a house for a month or so now and okay, I wish someone had told me exactly why house hunting can be so stressful. I didn't get it at first when we were just kind of looking around, but now that we're getting gosh! In our particular area, houses are staying on the market for less than a week and in most cases just a few days. I have a hard time making lots of decisions, but especially decisions that cost more than $5! Not to mention the tons of paperwork we have to get together. And this is our first house for both of us, so we aren't exactly experienced. At least we have a wonderful realtor who we trust. She's a blessing! We just want to get moved out of our apartment before November so that I can actually help move and unpack. And set up the nursery ;)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! We've got a busy day of getting new tires and oil changes tomorrow, haha!

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  1. Your tortoiseshell is beautiful! Being able to laugh with your husband the way you did about the car tire is going to help keep both of you sane during parenthood - good luck with the house hunt!!!