Apr 30, 2014

Five Favorites #1

This is going to be a random one, folks. I'm starting to leave that fog of fatigue that is the first trimester and I'm feeling more motivated than ever to do/talk about all the things! Thanks for hosting, Hallie!

1. Edel Gathering
I'M GOING! I can't believe it! I'm nervous and excited and feel like I have a lot of blog stalking to do in the next few months!

2. This Pizza Dough Recipe
Pizza is hands down my favorite food. I'll eat any pizza that's put in front of me, but that good, thin crust, blistery (gross adjective alert) brick oven pizza is my true love. For whatever reason, I have a hard time mastering recipes that use yeast but I am determined to practice until I get it right.

I finally gave Drea's vegan pizza dough recipe a shot last night and it was incredible! I think the dough did what it needed to do because it was light and fluffy...unlike my dense doughs of the past. We topped it with her raw tomato sauce and organic cheese and I'm just in love. Next on our list is getting a pizza stone to make the crust extra crispy!

3. Ultimate Homemaking Bundle
This was the best purchase I've made in a while. It included 88 ebooks, audio files, printables, and freebies. Seeing Haley's book in the bunch was honestly what convinced me to buy it! I'm downloading each book one at a time (because apparently you can't open a ZIP file on a tablet?) and love it all so far.

4. Cindo de Mayo
I'm so excited to celebrate this year if for no other reason than to make some virgin margaritas. (This past weekend, we went to a restaurant where I shyly asked if they would make me one, or another mocktail. The waitress replied with a flat "No" and now I'm way too embarrassed to ask at a restaurant again.) I also just stumbled across this coconut tres leches cake recipe on Shutterbean and holy cow, we *need* to make it!

5. Surprise Ultrasound
I had my second prenatal visit yesterday and didn't realize they'd be doing another ultrasound. I'm sure this is just a first-time-mom thing (or is it?) but I'm just fascinated by everything. I can't believe how much the baby has grown in just about a month! The ultrasound tech even pointed out fingers. My mom recommended a book that I saw at Target yesterday that has pages to show just how big your baby actually is each week. At week 12, the baby is way bigger than I would have expected. Pregnancy is just pretty darn neat.

*Bonus Favorite*
I can't get over these shoes I saw at Target yesterday! I've been wanting a pair of ugly Birkenstock sandals, but love the ugliness of these velcro ones even more. Okay, I think they're cute, but I bet most of the world thinks this are awful. Anyways. I want!

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  1. #1 - Yay yay yay yay yay!!!

    #5 - What a little love.


  2. Yea for Edel. Yea for the baby! Um, no comment on the shoes... ;)