Feb 21, 2014

Seven Quick Takes #2

Whoa. This week flew by. Honestly for someone who is currently looking for a job, I'm surprised at how fast the weeks go by. Too fast. I never get everything done that I want to get done and I'm always left at the end of the day wondering "what's my excuse?" (Hint: I don't have one)

Let's get into today's 7QT, shall we?

1. This sugar detox. I'll be putting up a post about my experience thus far pretty soon. Everything has been way easier than expected. Too easy. As someone who ate her fair share of fruit daily and dessert with lunch and dinner, I'm surprised. I passed the 3rd and the 4th day with flying colors (those were supposed to be the first few hardest) but read someone's recap on the 5th day and said that was her hardest, and that she was in bed all weekend with the carb flu. Yikes!

2. I had such a great experience at confession on Wednesday. After reading what Pope Francis had said at his Wednesday morning audience, I got my butt over to church. The priest said something that really stuck with me that I'm going to write about later today in a Faith Chat Fridays post :)

3. I'm being hit by the decorating bug. We've been living in our home since October and it still looks so sad with it's bare white walls and blinds sans curtains. I'm starting slow, but a friend coming to stay with us this weekend encouraged me to dress up our guest bathroom with some new towels, a super good smelling (and pretty!) reed diffusor, and new soap dispenser. I love you Target.

4. Our bishop came to say mass this past Wednesday evening for our spring Confirmation mass! As someone who is very short and hates not being able to see what's actually going on, I made sure to get there early and snag a front row balcony seat. It was a beautiful mass and I'm proud of the 2 students in our RCIA group who received this sacrament! (The rest are coming in at Easter, yay!)

{Photo from here}

5. Butter. In. Coffee. I thought people who did this were crazy but I tried making this Pumpkin Spice Hot Buttered Coffee this week on the detox which is pretty much just coffee, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, and butter blended together in a blender. The idea kind of grossed me out at first but it's SO GOOD. I can only imagine how much better it would taste with sugar. Anyways, if the thought of doing that grosses you out but you use butter on other things (I didn't until this week), I would recommend giving it a try! I've also heard you can add coconut oil with a leeeetle bit of butter and it's just as good.

6. I sent my mom via email a list of 10 questions to ask your mom I found a few weeks back. She sent me a long letter in the mail answering them this week. It was so fun to read who inspires her and what she still longs to do in life. I love her so much! She always seals her letters with some sort of cute sticker :)

{That time I spilled a whole container of arugula and found out they loved it}

{Her go-to sleeping position}

{Her little bat ears have been that size since she was a kitten}

7. We aren't pregnant (yet) and none of our friends or family members have kids. So as my maternal instincts have slowly kicked in over the past few years, our little kittens have held a special place in my heart. I realize that makes me sound like a crazy cat lady, I do. I wish we could have a dog but my husband had both of them before we got married and our apartment complex only allows 2 pets (boo!). But they bring so much joy into my life that I just can't even imagine how much greater joy I'll feel when our life is full of babies! They're just so fluffy and playful.

What was your week like? Can't wait to read everyone's 7QT's!

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