Feb 17, 2014


What a laaaaazzzyyyy weekend we had. I took a nap both days. I love a good Saturday afternoon nap but that's usually the only time I take one. Who knows what was going on to make me so sleepy, but because of these naps I didn't get to bed until well after midnight Saturday and Sunday evening. 

I definitely binged on all things sweet because I officially decided to start the sugar detox today. I mean I had to finish my Valentine's Day chocolates and have a glass of wine with dinner...right? 

We ended up going to 5:30 mass last night and then out to eat. Mass was wonderful and our priest's homily was as thought-provoking as ever. He centered it around asking us how good we want to be. Good enough to just barely make it to heaven? Good enough to get into purgatory, but not hell? He explained how a lot of the time, people will be talking to him and express what they're struggling with and say something like "yeah but it's not like I killed anyone." Yeah, that's great, but it's not like the saints became saints just because they didn't kill anyone. They set the world on fire with the teachings of Jesus and I can only pray that I constantly get better at doing that.

My last supper pre-detox was at the same pizza place we went for Valentine's Day. I know pizza is a lot of people's favorite food but I could eat a good thin crust margherita pizza every single day of my life. I devoured 3/4 of it and said goodbye sweet pizza until March 10th.

Don't worry, the husband will be sure to take care of the leftovers. 

It was in the 70s all weekend so all I needed was a light cardigan after it got dark outside. We're spoiled Texans lately, I know. Linking up for FLAP for what I wore:

Dress -- Target (old)
Cardigan -- Old Navy (old)
Shoes -- TJ Maxx (old)
Green belt (not visible) -- Forever 21 (old)
Necklace -- H&M (old)

All oldies but goodies for this outfit!

I hope you had a great weekend! Is it finally warming up where you live?


  1. I'm sorry, you go outside wearing just that? No freaking way. I'm about to respond to your email and I'm going to attach some pictures of what it looks like here. Can I come visit!? Also, your necklace is perfection. Don't you love how glitter goes with everything? Hehe.

    1. Haha YES! It's been so warm here! We are spoiled.

      And thank you for the sweet compliment about my necklace. It really does go with everything! (At least I think so)