Feb 27, 2014

Current Favorite YouTubers

I don't even know how but during my sophomore year of college, I was exposed to the world of beauty tutorials on YouTube. Before that time I just knew YT as the place for the occasional funny video -- it wasn't really as big then, at least that's how I remember it. Anyways, I became obsessed with watching every tutorial I could find to create the "perfect smokey eye".

I've mentioned on here before that as much as I love makeup, my day to day look is usually just mascara and some powder. I save taking an hour to get ready for days like Sundays (for mass) and date nights. Every now and then I'll try something new during the week just for fun but...I'm lazy. And I know my years of being able to get away with the bare minimum are running out. So I should be taking advantage of that, right?

I've watched a lot of different people on YT over the years. My current subscription list is well over 100 channels. There are my long time favorites I have to watch as soon as they put out a new video, but most people I just watch as their video topic sounds interesting. I'll save those longtime favorites for another post ;) Here are some recent channels I've subscribed to, and why I think you should check them out!

Kayley Melissa

I've never been a hair person. My hair won't grow (healthily) past my shoulders and I don't have a lot of it. I don't know how to do fancy braids and I get irritated when bobby pins slip right out of a style; I tend to easily give up. Kayley's channel changed all that for me, though. Her videos are detailed and deal with both hair and makeup, but with an emphasis on hair. She explains everything in the easiest way ever and seems super patient, too. Even if I'm just listening to instructions from someone on the internet, patience helps. Seriously: she makes those crazy intricate braids you see all over Pinterest and at weddings look SO EASY.


Oh goodness, this girl is so cute! Her focus is on makeup and style, but she also has great advice videos that are from the heart. I really love her personality and she's a fairly recent mom and I feel like I'm at that point in my life where I'm trying to soak up as much baby information for my future as possible. TELL ME ALL YOUR TIPS.


I was first introduced to Heart while watching Seventeen's Beauty Smarties Showdown this past summer...but for whatever reason I didn't actually go to her channel to watch her videos. Ingrid (a long time favorite) mentioned her in a recent video which reminded me to check her out. Again, love her personality and she seems so sweet.


If you're looking for no-nonsense product reviews and tutorials, look no further. Tati provides so much helpful, honest content on a day to day basis. Honestly I won't buy something if she has said she wasn't a fan. That's how much I trust her reviews. She focuses on drugstore hair and makeup, but also does some high end reviews and tutorials as well.


I remember watching a few of her videos in the past, but for whatever reason I never "subscribed". Someone recently recommended a video by Tiffany to me and I immediately gravitated towards her personality (hmm, likable personalities seem to be an important thing here). For someone whose style leans more towards the "high end" spectrum with lots of makeup goodies and incredible taste in clothes, she is so down to earth and it's kind of fun to live in someone else's closet for a little! Her makeup tutorials are also very in depth and offer lots of unique tips.

Is anyone else a big fan of YouTube videos, beauty/fashion or otherwise? Tell me who I should check out!


  1. My three favorite youtubbers: beauty Beyond beauty Star, hautebrilliance, and meghanrosette!