May 7, 2015

6 Months

Six months later and the dust is settling, people. Knock on wood.

I had wanted to do  monthly updates from the get go but I obviously have been pretty absent on the blog. I'm hoping this will be the month that I can start doing them because what the heck, 6 months?! Half of a year?! That's how old my baby is?

When I said the dust was settling, boy did I mean it. This month has been different. Our fussy baby blossomed into an agreeable tiny human. For the most part, anyways. Bedtime can still be a challenge and if you try to get her to nap once she's overtired all hell breaks loose but for the most part, homegirl is h a p p y. See?

(Big bottom = cloth diaper, not neglectful mother)

We began to expose her to some solid foods this month. Just like her mom, she loves any and all food. She even scarfed down green beans! These meals have been more on the "exploratory" side of things because to be honest we have no idea how much to feed her at this point and just plan on waiting to hear what our pediatrician has to say later this month. She's still breastfeeding like a champ. She's started to go a little longer between feedings, but wakes up every 3-4 hours throughout the night to eat. Still. I think I'm going to freak the eff out the first time she sleeps through the night...but that might not be for a few more years for all we know. Like I've mentioned before, it's our new normal. I'm oddly at peace about.

A few months ago, she rolled over a few times and then just stopped. There was no interest anymore. The rolling was revisited this month as she learned how to in her crib. There were a few nights we'd put her to sleep but she would just coo and stay up without crying. We'd go in to check on her every now and then and eventually found her on her tummy, clearly so proud of herself. It was the cutest. Now, she's a tummy sleeper. We always put her down on her back but within no time she rolls herself onto her tummy to fall asleep. The tricky parts: she still isn't proficient in rolling from her tummy to her back and her little arms and legs keep getting stuck in the crib slats. We need to look into getting those mesh bumpers or something of the like.

There are no teeth yet but Zoe is definitely teething away. Everything goes right into the mouth. I have to keep telling myself as a first time mama that if our parents survived when they most likely put toys containing lead into their mouths, our little one will survive sucking on stuffed animals (yuck) made of artificial fabrics and dyes. She loves pulling herself up with our help into a standing position, so we invested in an Exersaucer. It's not called the "ring of neglect" for nothing; she'll play contentedly in there for ages and I usually take her out long before she's done because I feel so darn guilty keeping her in there longer than it takes to wash the dishes.

Her little legs are starting to move like crazy which is making me that much more excited for swimming classes! We signed up for a session in June. I have a slight aversion to public pools but I'm sure I'll get over it. I can't wait to share that experience with her. It won't be long before we pull out the kiddie pool for the backyard, too, since Texas summer is upon us. Perhaps she'll want more water toys than her single rubber ducky...

Things that make her smile and laugh include our cats (her kitties) and any other animal, being tickled, looking at herself in the mirror, Sophie the Giraffe, and Walmart. No, really. Out of all the stores I've taken her to, she is absolutely in love with Walmart and I have no idea why.

Zoe Marie, we love you baby girl. Happy 1/2 birthday!

P.S. For funsies...


  1. 3-4 hours at night is a really good chunk! I would be REALLY happy if we were getting stretches like that... Alas, I seem to breed poor sleepers :( But even if it seems like she's waking up a ton, you (hopefully) get the side benefit of a delayed return of fertility! Every time I get cranky when Peter's waking up nonstop, I remind myself that at least this means we don't have to worry about NFP for a while longer!

    What a sweet little chunky girl! I love the big booty :)

  2. Oh my gosh, how is she so big?? Also, I still love our Exersaucer because it keeps Kate contained & entertained for a heckuva long time. Don't worry, eventually sleep will be better! :)