Sep 8, 2014

Bump Update: 30 Weeks

I had to be okay with not posting this on Wednesday/calling it Bump Day this week because quite frankly Wednesday came and went and I hadn't even drafted a post yet. (And now its Monday and I just remembered to take a picture of myself yesterday before mass. Oops) These weeks are just slipping by now; part of me loves that November will be here before we know it, but part of me is too busy freaking out that November will be here before we know it.

[Technically Week 31, but shh. Week 30 wasn't that much different.]

I had an appointment on Thursday and according to our doctor, homegirl is measuring just about average. I'll take that and pray she doesn't decide she wants to resemble a baby sumo wrestler instead within the coming weeks, which would make a natural delivery a little less fun/impossible. She's still in a great position and kicking up a storm. I feel like I have a little alien inside of me when I see her pushing up against my stomach. Landon always says "she's ready to come out!" which really freaks me out because for whatever reason I think that sounds like she's just going to burst through my stomach at any given moment. Even with her kicks and jabs, it's hard for me to believe there's a tiny human inside of me. I have a feeling after delivery I'm just going to be in a state of shock like "where did she come from? she was inside of me?!" as if I didn't even know I was pregnant this whole time.

We went to a class Thursday night on baby care at our hospital--my first, Landon's second (he went to a class for dads last month). First, there were snacks. They had MILK DUDS. I didn't expect these classes to come with snacks so this was a nice surprise. Our instructor was a labor and delivery nurse and I already found myself praying she would be around when I went in to deliver. I'm also incredibly satisfied with how our hospital seems to deal with everything. They encourage all the good stuff like immediate skin-to-skin contact and seem to be big on breastfeeding, so long as everyone is able, of course. They also seem to be very respectful of birth plans (I still have no idea if I'll have one or not though) which is nice. Maybe most hospitals are like this nowadays but it really reassured me in these departments.

Speaking of breastfeeding, I still have a lot to learn, but I did recently read the whole thing about how caffeine can make your baby fussy. I decided once again to give up caffeine via coffee, just like during the first trimester. I know I had been drinking less than the recommended amount but I guess it was affecting me more than I thought. This past week has been rough. Caffeine is no joke, y'all. I'm sure I'll still get bits of it through teas and chocolate, but the plan is to stock up on good decaf coffee and tea for after delivery and to try to minimize my intake as much as possible. Any thoughts from seasoned moms on this topic? Did caffeine make your babies fussy while you were breastfeeding?

Also: please remind me never to take sleeping comfortably for granted again. At this point, I'd rather wake up every few hours to a crying baby than wake up in pain every few hours from being so uncomfortable. Everyone says to sleep with lots of pillows wedged all over your body, but I think this is harder when you share a full-sized bed with your husband. There is no room for more pillows. The Snoogle hardly fits on there with us! I finally got one of those pillows specifically designed to fit between your legs last weekend and it's helped with my lower back pain big time...but my hips still hurt all. night. long. When I roll over or get up, it feels like something's about to pop out of place. I guess you probably don't sleep comfortably right after birth, but I'm looking forward to the day where all feels like normal again.

We bought paint for the nursery last weekend and Landon started painting the walls yesterday! We also ordered her a crib on mega Labor Day sale and have plans to move and paint an old dresser in there. I'm sure just getting started at week 30/31 is late for many, but I'm just happy it's finally starting to come along!

I'll end this update with a little cat update. Remember how one of our cats, Kirleigh, would cuddle and nap with me during my first trimester...when she's the last cat I would ever expect to do so? Well, she's at it again. Not just with me, but she's been sleeping on our pillows and wedging herself in between us at night. I think she knows she's got to get in all the attention she can before November. It's sweet but also kind of annoying because of the smallish bed situation (see above).

Here's to being one week closer to meeting Zoe!

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  1. I feel you with the waking-up-with-baby rather than just uncomfortable sleep problems! I was in the exact same boat around week 30 til the end too. Even if it does get tiring waking up with a baby I much prefer it over waking up to pee or just be in pain 100 times a night.

    I had a close friend who had problems with caffeine and her baby - she would usually wake up and drink her cup of coffee in the morning and then feed her little girl, but it was making her fussy. I haven't had any real problems so far but my caffeine is usually at lunchtime, which is most of the time right after Kate eats. Then again, I didn't really change my caffeine intake during pregnancy either. So it probably depends on the mom and the baby! :)

  2. You are stunning!!! While my knowledge of breastfeeding isn't first hand, I must recommend Moroccan Mint Tea. It is a delicious treat!

  3. Your excitement is so beautiful. :-)
    I've never given up caffeine while pregnant or nursing, and never had a problem. I'm just a one-cup-a-day type gal, but I'm not super rigid about giving things up while pregnant or breastfeeding in general. That said, you should trust YOUR instincts and do what is right for you and your family!!! For my family, if I don't have coffee, MAMA is very fussy. hahaha Trust yourself. You've got this!
    Lastly, I would totally agree that sleep deprivation with a baby is so much better than while pregnant. Third trimester is a beast. I'd always rather be up with my sweet angel baby than tossing my giant body all over the bed. hahaha
    Getting so clooose!!

  4. I've never had issues with babies & caffeine reactions - it really depends on the baby! I'm actually considering weaning myself off of coffee just because I don't like spending so much money on something that shouldn't be necessary, but we'll see if I can manage it - I might switch to caffeinated tea or something like that?