Aug 22, 2014

Nursery Inspiration

A few months ago, I was asked what the theme for our nursery would be.

I honestly hadn't even thought much about a color scheme at the time, let alone a theme. I didn't know nurseries typically even had themes! I hadn't started pinning nurseries I liked on Pinterest, since I had wanted to wait until we knew if we were having a boy or girl. When we found out Zoe was a girl, I had an easier time determining what I didn't want. I'm not big on anything super girly or overdone, so not a lot of pink, no frills, no princesses or ballerinas, no zoo animals and no sea creatures.

I eventually decided I really liked the combination of pale lavender + white + gold. If other colors appear in the decor, well that's okay too. I just really like the idea of a cool toned, minimalist room with gold accents. Metallic things (glitter!) are probably the girliest things I gravitate towards and that sounded fun to add touches of.

When I finally started my perusal of girl nurseries on Pinterest, there was no lack of inspiration. Below are my favorites.

 {Left // Right}

I can't get over that floral dresser and the nesting doll prints. On the right, kind of loving those star decals, or any large decal for that matter to create an accent wall.

  {Left // Right}

I know they're starting to go out of style, but I'm still loving animal head mounts. Also gallery walls. Are those going out of style too? I hope not. 

I died when I saw that sheep rocker. It was on Land of Nod (I wish I never stepped foot on that website) but I can't find it anywhere online now. I also think the little hanging branch of special clothes is adorable.

As I started to look more at nursery decor, I realized I was unintentionally gravitating toward a theme after all: whimsical + woodland creatures. 

Ignore the polar bear rocking horse. We can just pretend he's a white forest bear. And yes those are zoo animals in the middle but I love the portrait style of the prints!

{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}

I can't wait to go pick out some paint this weekend and to get started on finally putting this vision together. As far as furniture goes, I'm a big fan of the Jenny Lind cribs or the Gulliver crib from good old Ikea. We're repurposing a 5 drawer dresser from our room, but it's a little too high to be a changing table so we'll need to see what's out there for that. We haven't thought much about gliders vs. rocking chairs yet, either.

Nesting mode is officially in full swing, friends!

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  1. The Ikea Gulliver crib is AWESOME. We have two, and they're indestructible (even though they don't look as solid as other cribs) and don't take up much space, and I think the mattress ends up lower than a lot of other crib mattresses on the lowest setting, so none of our kids have learned how to climb out until AFTER they've already transitioned to a big bed. Seriously, best crib ever! Says the mom who watched three children use one as a trampoline for 30 minutes today with no issues ;)