May 7, 2014

Bump Day: The *Best* News

Week 13 is coming to a close (my official turnover days are Fridays) and...I'm not sure I'm feeling like myself 100% quite yet. I've still been really tired, but too stressed out to nap during the day. I've still been a little funny about what I want to eat, but that part has been getting better for sure. We ate a healthy dinner of vegetables! and salmon! and whole grains! one night this week which is better than the zero healthy eating nights as of late. I'll take it ;)

Real talk time: there's been something that's been holding us back from being 110% excited about this pregnancy. My husband's family has a history of a very rare genetic disease. We knew this before we got married and decided to have kids, and we never really felt called to be tested to see if we were carriers before actually getting pregnant. Some who feel a lot differently about having children may call this irresponsible, but we knew we wanted to have whatever little baby God wanted to give matter how difficult that might be.

At our first prenatal visit, the doctor recommended my husband get tested first since this disease is on his side. He got tested a little over a month ago and we found out for sure that he was a carrier. It was my turn next and even though the likelihood was rare, it was still a possibility and we had a hard time not thinking about getting the results every single day.

After two trips to the doctor for blood work and a very frustrating series of phone calls from the nurses yesterday, we learned that I am definitely not a carrier. I'm sure our doctor and nurses thought we were crazy for worrying so much about such a rare thing, but the relief we both feel now is just incredible. I am so thankful for the prayers from our family and friends.

As you may have been able to detect from my attitude in the above paragraph and from previous posts, we're finally leaning towards switching doctors. I'm not a happy camper about this but it can only get better...right?

Anyways, here's a shot from Sunday of my teeny tiny bump!

I wore a pair of maternity shorts yesterday and I was in heaven. I envy you moms who have had your pregnancies during the fall/winter; I already lived in leggings last winter, so the transition would have been way too natural. I'm probably one of the few weirdos who doesn't feel as comfy in skirts and dresses as shorts and pants (and sweatpants). My last pair of normal shorts that I bought a few sizes up are starting to feel a little snug, so I think it's just going to be stretchy waist bands from here on out!

This Bump Date has already gotten a little long, so I'll cut it off here! If you're a pregnant mom, how's everything going for you?! Any exciting news this week?


  1. Glad to hear about the news from the doctor - stuff like that can really occupy your mind when you're pregnant! And good luck with switching docs, if you decide to do that. It can be stressful but the payout is usually worth it.

  2. What a cute bump! Glad everyone is healthy!