Apr 11, 2014


I love fall. LOVE it. My obsession with fall started when I moved to Connecticut in 8th grade from Texas. Connecticut fall trumped Texas fall by a billion. There was apple picking, pretty leaves, and the most perfect crisp air. It was then that I decided fall would forever be my favorite season.
{CT via Flickr}

Fast forward to a move back to Texas years later. Even though there were no apples and Texas fall temperatures fluctuated more than I thought possible, that feeling of fall was ingrained in my soul forever. Plus, Texas fall has Texas A&M football.

I'd say I made do with the transition ;)
When my husband and I got engaged at the end of 2012, I knew I wanted a fall wedding. We made sure to set a date on a Texas A&M bye week, but some people still weren't happy we set it during football season. Oops! But on October 5th, a warmer fall day, we got married and it was perfect.

Fall is our season.
I know many of you are just now starting to see the signs of spring. You may be wondering why I'm choosing to dote over November now at the beginning of April. Okay Kayla, we get it. You have a favorite season. Well, we were ecstatic to find out that this fall will be even more special. How, you ask?

By welcoming our first baby, of course.
{From our first prenatal visit a few weeks ago. 10 weeks as of today!}

Spring and summer are pretty neat seasons, too, but...we're counting down the days until fall comes around this year :)

Happy Friday, y'all! Surprise!

P.S. Expect LOTS of baby posts from this point forward. It's been killing me keeping this all in!


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an adorable post!

  2. Congratulations!! What a sweet way to announce a pregnancy. Can't wait to read all your baby posts!

  3. Ahhhhh congratulations!!! So incredibly exciting :) Pregnancy is amazing.

  4. Congrats again! Let the mommy blogs begin! <3

  5. Many many congratulations! So so lovely!

  6. Oh my gosh, this is wonderful!!! So, so happy for you guys. You're right, the best season ever will be made even better!