Mar 24, 2014


It's been a few weeks since I did a What I Wore Sunday post! Don't worry, I still made it to mass those weekends. We just went Saturday night instead and since we usually don't, it kind of threw me off. Those next Sundays felt like the longest days ever (in the best way).

Our weekend was kind of a weird one. A lot of things just kept going wrong and things got a little bit emotional for me. I'm not one to voice my opinion on touchy subjects so when others started to do that, I was shocked and a little hurt.

But! That's okay because it's a brand new week, the sun is shining, and I am DETERMINED to have a great week!

On to what I wore to church yesterday, yes?

Sweater -- H&M {old}
Bag -- Vintage
Black pants -- Forever 21 {old}
Shoes -- Macy's

Got my bulletin in hand post-mass and everything ;) Be sure to check out what the other ladies wore over on FLAP!

What did you do that was fun an exciting this weekend?


  1. Aren't you the cutest little butter bean!

  2. You look gorgeous! What kind of bag do you have? I have a little brown leather Coach satchel from the 70's that I'm obsessed with!