Mar 7, 2014

Seven Quick Takes #4

Gosh, I can't believe it's been a week since my last post! I've had a self-diagnosed life hangover this week (no actual hangover occurred, mind you) and have just been off. Last weekend was really exciting and then this week was spent trying to adjust to some major changes. Aaaaand my poor husband is sick with a cold and as a hypochondriac I'm just waiting to start feeling all of those symptoms, too.

Let's kick things off with a good ol' 7QT, shall we?

1. As I type this, I have 10 tabs open on Chrome. This is actually a low for me. I hate bookmarking random things that can't be categorized, so I just kind of leave open the tabs as a reminder until I can get back to them. It stresses me out, though.

2. Lent is in full swing! I'm trying to do a lot more this year than ever before but the most challenging thing so far has been giving up caffeine cold turkey. I've taken many naps this week. I decided to try decaf to keep my ritual going and it's okay so far. I love tea but not for when I first wake up...weird, huh?

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3. So that sugar detox didn't last for me. I only got to Day 12. I'm a major emotional eater (good emotions, bad emotions) and since our weekend was full of joy I just was in full celebratory mood. I didn't go crazy, but I did pick up a bag of cake batter Chex Mix Muddy Buddies at Target early in the week and man...I wish I hadn't. I'm still incorporating a lot of what I learned on the detox into my everyday life, though. I'm still loving eggs, trying to eat full fat dairy, and minimizing my processed sugar consumption. So far so good!

4. I finally started reading The Fault in Our Stars after seeing practically every else read it and it's sooo good.  I just finished listening to The Spectacular Now through Audible but listening to a book seems to take so long and I'm enjoying reading this one instead. I've also added approximately 20 books to my Amazon Wishlist within the past week or I should probably start speed reading.

5. One of those tabs that's opened on my browser is for this essential oil diffuser mentioned by Carolyn. I just feel like I need it but I'm still a little scared to bite the bullet (but I probably will).

6. Have you seen the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge? I don't know if I could do it, but it has inspired me to go through all of our stuff during Lent. The hardest things for me to give away are clothes that I *used* to love and old school notebooks and papers. The whole idea of simplifying your life is a beautiful one, though, and is something I want to do!

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7. Last summer, I made a new friend from Canada through Tone It Up and she has a blog, too! We have been each other's "accountability partners" ever since; I love receiving emails from her every week or so. She's a super talented graphic designer and shares her journey of health and fitness over at Love, Alysha. It's wonderful and if you're looking for some motivation I suggest you check her out!

Thanks for stopping by even though I've been out of the blogging loop this late :) How was your week?!

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