Feb 23, 2014


Linking up with the fabulous FLAP for another What I Wore Sunday post. This weekend was another weekend full of relaxation/laziness. I blame the sugar detox. But it was great and one of my very best friends who just got back from a 7 month stint in Costa Rica came into town! She's super special to me because she was my first friend who I could really talk to about all of the ins and outs of my faith life. She knows all of my struggles and doubts that I had during college. I truly believe putting us as roommates when I transferred to A&M was God's doing!

P.S. Isn't she the cutest?!/try not to hate her too much for being this Central American shade of tan

Dress --- Forever 21
Shoes --- Macy's {my wedding shoes!}
Tan cardigan because A/C (not pictured) --- Old Navy

I hope you all had a great weekend and for all those who have been suffering under mounds of snow, I hope this was a warmer one for ya!


  1. I'm seriously in love with your shoes!!! Love the outfit!

  2. What a pretty dress & cute shoes!

  3. adorable dress and really fun, bold shoes!