Apr 11, 2016

April Showers Bring...A Post?

Oh little blogging world, how I've missed you! Pretty much daily I'm like "oh I wish I kept up with my blog, I have so many words to say" but then the day happens and I'm like "HOW do people make the time?!" 

{Trying to make time for blogging again? Good one, mom.}

I'm going to try to make the time but that's not a promise. I just miss sharing little bits of our life for posterity's sake. 

Last post I mentioned I was pregnant and here I am, a week away from the third trimester. Fact: Pregnancy goes by MUCH faster the second time around when you forget multiple times a day that there's a little one growing inside of you. If it wasn't for this nasty back pain I just started experiencing, I could probably go the whole day without remembering I was pregnant. 

Zoe is 17 months old and is changing and growing constantly. It blows my mind how she looks like a completely different person every morning when she wakes up. She surprises us daily with new things she learns how to do...that we don't teach her. I don't know how she knows how to turn off her sound machine or try to put her shoes on her Minnie Mouse doll but it's adorable and one of the coolest things about being a parent. 

I feel like I've been on an endless quest this year to find a good balance between being connected and being disconnected from technology. It's really hard to figure out what I feel comfortable with and what works for our family. I especially fall into the trap of the comparison game with other moms multiple times a day wondering how someone is able to spend time with her x number of kids, blog multiple times a week, have a social life, and be ever present on Instagram, Snapchat, AND Facebook. I'm usually about stopping myself right there because I know everyone has different priorities and that's a-okay--I just need to figure out what my priorities are! I get a little scared when I notice Zoe notice me pull out my phone while we're playing because my imaginative self imagines what she's thinking in that moment and how mama is choosing technology over her and that breaks my heart. BUT. But. At the same time, I selfishly love taking and editing pictures of her and our life and making Snapchat stories I can rewatch at the end of the day with Landon. Anyways, I haven't figured it out yet. I feel like it's hard when new technologies are coming out daily and just when you thought you figured it out, you're thrown for a loop! I also take comfort in knowing most parents today are struggling with all this. There's probably a good amount of research and books out by now about how technology is killing family life but I'm sure the same thing was said when the movies and cable television etc etc came into play. 

In response to the "so, what have you been up to?" question old friends ask and I'm left thinking "uhh, I'm not even sure..." that's not true. I've been nesting like crazy and Landon has very kindly put up with it all/helped/done 95% of the labor associated with these projects. We decided to stay in our house at least another year even though once baby girl is here and friends and family are over it's going to feel sooooo smallllllll. Anyways, my way of thinking was we need to spruce things up and finally actually maybe decorate if we're staying here longer. We started with the 2 smallest areas of the house, one of the bathrooms and the laundry "room" (closet) and our yards. The reality that I'm about to hit the third trimester and possibly lose some of the second trimester energy magic makes me realize I've got to pick up the pace with things because we still have our bedrooms, the living room, and the dining room for sure and if there's time, our office/guest room/guest bath and garage. At the beginning of it all I didn't think it'd be that much work because once again, our house is on the smaller side. However, I've learned I'm definitely a dreamer/optimist and I think L is too so we set out thinking it's going to take 20 minutes to install a wire shelf instead of 2 hours and whoa, where did the time go? It's all very exciting though and even though it doesn't come naturally to me, I've wanted to make our house a home for us and all for a while now and seeing that goal take shape is fun.

{Mom win: bringing a cookie to eat at the park down the street vs. cleaning up the mess in the house}

In other completely random news, I'm trying to read about 10 books at once (ask me, a non-avid reader, how that's going), several new restaurants including an ice cream store and a coffee shop are opening within like 5 minutes of our house soon and yes I'm VERY excited about them because we don't live close to a big city so anything new is NEW and very exciting, and I think I'm going to have to get a root canal I had done last year redone because I cannot eat or drink anything remotely hot without having an awful pain.

And that's really it for now! Maybe I'll be posting more regularly just in time for the third trimester courtesy of the insomnia that came with it last time for me. I kind of secretly loved how it was hard for me to fall and stay asleep last pregnancy because usually I'm out within seconds of hitting the pillow and have trouble seeing sleep as a good use of time (working on it!) but I also didn't have a toddler to chase after the next day soooo. If this has been your experience, don't spoil it for me yet.

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  1. I love it when you post again. :) :) :) Parenting in the age of the internet is no joke...I also wonder how people have time to do all the things they say they do and it's nearly impossible not to compare! But I suppose it's mostly a good lesson in loving where you're at.

    Two more things: our favorite part of the night is rewatching Snapchats of every day before bed (parents are such saps but it's so fun!!!) AND Zoe is SO BIG. Holy cow. :)