Oct 17, 2014

Bump Update: Week 36

(37 weeks today!)

You know how people say to take advantage of sleeping in and napping during the day during the third trimester if you can? Man, I'd like to. I really would! But my body's doing this thing where my brain can't turn off when I try to go to sleep...and if it does, it turns on again when I wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and then it won't let me go back to bed. Everything...everything...is on my mind. Believe it or not, though, I'm not really stressed or all that anxious. I just keep thinking about going into labor and meeting our little girl at the end of it all and the excitement is outweighing everything else.

(Don't be alarmed by the purple spider...I found some old Halloween window clings that had to be put to good use.)

Since I started learning about pregnancy, I thought she'd be late. It seemed like most first born babies arrived past their due date and oftentimes an induction was even necessary. It wasn't until Landon wondered out loud on Monday if my height (short) would encourage an early arrival and the doctor's appointment on Tuesday where I was 1-2 cm dilated and 50% effaced that made me realize that holy cow she could actually come early.

My doctor said she would be surprised if I went past my due date, but don't worry, she didn't think Zoe would be coming this week. Okay this week as in by the end of tomorrow? Or this week as in Tuesday-next Tuesday? What?! Doctor-speak just makes me over think everything.

I'm trying not to think too much about the when because I know the longer she's in there the better, but I just didn't even think an early arrival was a possibility until this week. My new guesstimate of her arrival if she is born early is October 28th, just in case you were wondering.

In terms of the bad stuff...there's really not a lot of it. And I'm eternally grateful. The most annoying thing at the moment is my stomach being stretched thin. It hurts and no amount of lotion helps relieve the pain. Luckily I only notice it if it's being touched or I walk into something, which has happened more times than I'd like to admit. Also, since homegirl is sitting prettttty darn low, sitting upright in a chair is kind of uncomfortable because my whole belly is pushed up against my legs.

But there's no back pain, no heartburn (thank you, generic Zantac), no fatigue, and no bad gross painful stuff. Thank you thank you and let's keep it that way, okay body?

She's still moving around quite a bit. It's crazy to see her shift from one side of my belly to the other; for the longest time she leaned more toward my left side and suddenly the other night she moved to the right. She's been the queen of hiccups this trimester and I wonder if that's any indication of how things will be once she's born? I feel her having them at least twice a day!

The nursery is still very much a work in progress, but we're pretty much set on the stuff for now minus newborn diapers thanks to a shiny new Amazon Prime/Mom subscription. (Side note: major bummer that you can't take advantage of the Kindle library using the Kindle app rather than an actual Kindle!) I'm trying not to go crazy with taking advantage of 2 days shipping but I haven't had much success in that department this past week. The car seat bases are now in both cars and I even put the "Baby On Board" sign on my window which I felt guilty about since there's not actually a baby on board yet, but then I almost got into two accidents today because of the crazies so I guess that bright yellow reminder did absolutely nothing. Oh well. It made things feel more official.

Any guesses on if Zoe will decide to grace us with her presence early? I really just don't even know. I'm thinking it's 50/50 ;)

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  1. keeping you in my prayers! have you ever considered attending a guided meditation class to help slow down your mind?