Jun 8, 2014

WIWS #6 + Makeup Week!

Happy Pentecost, friends! Sunday mass has been rough for me for the past month or so. I make sure to eat a good breakfast and drink plenty of water beforehand, but I still feel super dizzy and sick to my stomach throughout. Maybe the AC isn't cranked up high enough or perhaps it's all the up and down movement of the Catholic mass. Either way...I don't like it!
Today I wore...
Black quilted top -- Target
Blue dress (worn underneath) -- H&M
Platforms -- Macy's

Linking up with the ladies over at FLAP for WIWS!

I think it might be time to retire high heels for awhile. I'm sure they weren't the best thing to wear when I knew I would get dizzy. And look at that 18 week bump! This week's the big week...we get to find out the baby's gender!!!

Yesterday was the most perfect Saturday. I dragged Landon to our apartment's pool so that we could enjoy it before we move soon. I've got some horrible shorts and tank top tanlines that I am determined to get rid of this week. Even with sunscreen on yesterday, I made some progress ;) In the evening we went to a free outdoor concert in town and had a picnic dinner! I've been in the mood to gogogo lately. I'm pretty sure it's because I want to get the heck out of our apartment in order to put off packing as long as possible...  I love parking myself down on the couch to watch a new TV show as much as the next person does, but I've really been enjoying taking in the newness of summer lately. The evenings are especially gorgeous!

(Speaking of shows, we caught up on House of Cards and needed a new show to marathon...so we started Silicon Valley yesterday. So far, so good, but I definitely am not as knowledgeable about all the computer stuff they mention as Landon.)

Last week I finally sat down and went through Kat Lee's Blog Planning Kit! A copy came with the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle I purchased awhile back, and a recent interview with Kat on Tsh's podcast prompted me to start listening to Kat's podcasts, too (yup, she has 2! crazy!). I seriously love them and they've given me so much inspiration.

To kick things off, I decided to challenge myself to posting every week day for the remainder of June. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I've been having trouble finding my blogging "voice", and what better way to do that then just keep writing ;) To start this nonstop posting, I decided to make Monday-Thursday's posts all about makeup. I don't consider myself an expert in any sense, but makeup/beauty is a big hobby of mine and it seemed natural to see if I can offer any interesting information about it to you!

Be sure to come back this week to learn about some of my favorite products, some of my least favorite products, and an easy tutorial. See you tomorrow!


  1. That dress is a gorgeous color! I'm warming up to colored bottoms lately, but my budget only has room for so many adventures.

    I can barely handle heels sometimes, and I've never been pregnant. Even making an attempt makes you a winner in my book!

  2. Love the high/low dress! And I wish I could tell you Mass would get better, but to be honest I always got horrible dizzy spells throughout all of my pregnancies while at church :( I am a new follower from FLAP and I'm excited to read your makeup info!

  3. Cute, cute, cute dress! I remember when Mass would get rough while preggo. I also remember feeling bad when I just couldn't kneel properly anymore because of the belly! Hubs and I started watching Silicon Valley a bit ago... I don't get all of the tech jokes, but I do find it amusing.

  4. Love the color of that dress! I have a similar one that works awesome during pregnancy and afterwards too :) And I always wear it as a skirt too... And I'm 18 weeks along too. So basically we're the same, although I'm on baby #5, so my bump's just a little more prominent ;)