Apr 23, 2014

Bump Day: Is It Over Yet?

Hi! Welcome to a new feature I'm starting called "Bump Day", which is happening on--you guessed it--Hump Day! Clever, huh? Time to talk about all the pregnancy things!

And by that, I mean the first trimester. I don't want the pregnancy to be over! I haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet! But goodness gracious, please let me get into that glorious second trimester already.

It almost is. ALMOST. 16 days left. Not like I'm counting or anything. But for now, let me back up and share a little bit about how things played out!

My husband and I went into our marriage being very open to children. At first I wanted to wait a while and just enjoy being married, but as each month passed, I would get a little sad I didn't magically get pregnant. We were very roughly following the Creighton Model of Natural Family Planning and by that I mean we were using what information had been given to us during our marriage prep, but we hadn't been meeting with an actual instructor. In January I was so sure I was pregnant. I started getting some symptoms I don't usually get around that time of the month. I couldn't believe it! But when a pregnancy test came back negative, I was bummed and decided we should talk to an NFP instructor just so we had a better handle on it all. We clearly didn't know as much as we thought we did.

Fast forward a month, to the end of February. All thanks to my husband, I've had my cycle spelled out for me on an Excel document for well over a year. I think he started it when we were engaged to kind of know when my moodiness would begin, but it ended up being a very useful tool. Thanks! I asked him when I was set to get my period because, you know, I can't possibly keep track of that information myself, and he told me within a day or so. Well that Friday while he was at work, I was wondering if I would get it or not. I hadn't had as many cramps as normal...but I also hadn't had any nausea or other pregnancy symptoms. We had a stash of pregnancy tests and I decided to take one so I wouldn't be too disappointed when I actually got my period like I had been for the past few months. I did the test, said a quick prayer, and went back to folding some laundry. After a few minutes I went over and saw the little "+". My eyes shot wide open and I ran into the kitchen to gulp down a bottle of water. Oh no, I would be taking at least 2 tests before I let myself get excited. Sure enough, the second test came back positive! I had less than an hour until my husband got home from work, so I didn't really have time to prepare a cute way to tell him. Damn you Pinterest giving me high expectations!

{I'll save you the gross pregnancy test picture; you'll just have to trust that it existed}

He came home and I told him. We just couldn't believe it! This was when I was on that sugar detox; I broke it that night when we went out for pizza to celebrate.

Of course, the Internet had done a great job at making me feel like I shouldn't get too excited. It was extremely early on and a lot could happen during the first trimester, I had read. We didn't tell our parents right away because we wanted to do so in person, so for the first two weeks I did some research but didn't let myself go crazy. This caution, in retrospect, was so stupid as friends ended up pointing out. Being pregnant is a gift, a reason to be filled with love and joy...and here I was worrying that if I got too excited, something bad would happen. We know something still could happen, but as a couple we trust in God and His timing. There's not too much we can do to change that!

Like I said, we decided to tell our parents first which. We made them library card pregnancy announcements similar to this one since both of our moms are librarians. We also gave them both "I love you, Grandpa" and "I love you, Grandma" books! I'm not sure if they were too surprised...we've never kept our wish to have kids a secret. But they were happy! From then on we told other family members and close friends. We still haven't even "announced" it on Facebook but as I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm kinda over it. Maybe once we get the bump shot or find out the gender it'll go up there.

We had our first doctor's appointment a few weeks ago and I'm going in for the second one next week.
Let me tell you, it was absolutely crazy watching the ultrasound at 8 weeks. I didn't expect to be able to see so many details of our baby that early on. It made it all so real that there's a little baby growing inside of me. Our doctor is pretty chill and didn't suggest changing much. I should definitely be eating better and I'm getting there, but nausea and food aversions have been the bane of my existence for the past few months. I did give up caffeine and alcohol (duh) as soon as I saw that first positive test, but now I'm letting myself drink a little coffee again. I don't want to make it into a daily habit just because even before I was pregnant I was wanting to break that addiction. And I've told myself that if i start exercising regularly, I'll start craving protein again. Haha, I hope!
Our parents have been starting to give us little clothes and baby books, and my mom has been scouring the house for all of my baby things. Even though I am still bumpless, I've been avoiding buying regular clothes because I know as soon as I do, that bump will start to show. My kind mother-in-law surprised me with my first maternity clothes this weekend that are currently tunics on me but will end up as tops, I'm sure. One is maroon and will come in handy this upcoming football season for sure.
I still can't believe this is happening! I am definitely feeling equally excited and nervous. I still see myself as a 16 year old (and still get "so, what college are you going to?" from strangers) so it's hard to see myself as a future mom. I'm trying not to stress, though. From what I can tell, parenting is a lot of trial and error and it'd be silly to even try to plan that far ahead. 

We are all ears for any pregnancy advice you have to offer! Please tell me all of your tips and tricks ;)

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